Al Khadda goalis to respect the health and the safety of all people as well as the surrounding environment.

According to international statistics, more than 80% of incidents are caused by unsound personal behavior.
Thus, being officials in charge, we should know and correct such dangerous acts and behaviors before an incident takes place.

It is further our duty to keep our employees aware through intensive awareness campaigns. Our success as a company does not only depend on profitable projects but also on the safety of the work accomplished.
The “Sustainable Development” policy we follow wherever we are present is our chief means of achieving this. We understand, listen to, consult with and respond promptly to customers, communities and individual employees to bring about continuous improvement.

We respect in our operations, all engineering standards, and performance guidelines including sanitary codes, environmental assessments, air quality and emission standards, noise-control regulations, water recycling procedures and hazardous material disposal rules.