14 February, 2013

  • Great Result by Al Khadda International for Shutdown at Kuwait Oil Company - Upgrade at Gas Booster Station BS140 completed ahead of schedule and without injury, accident or incident.

In our scope Al-Khadda International changed out and reconfigured the entire Emergency Shut Down system for this 40 year old facility, including replacing almost 20% of the valves in the facility, extending the control room, installing a new ESD Control System and partial upgrading the existing Distributed Control System. The facility is now operating to modern safety control standards.

Technically speaking the ESD system comprises of 2'' to 42'' Class 150/300/600 AO and ESD valves operated by HIMA PLC, interfacing with a Honeywell DCS.

See here for the Location of BS140 

Many thanks to our Client - the Kuwait Oil Company - all of our vendors and subcontractors, and of course our committed and dedicated employees who undertook the work. A great result for all.